Building a Boys Hostel!

There is once again a need at the orphanage!  There are actually so many needs, but we are going to talk about the one that is most currently pressing.  Going back to our last post, we updated everyone on the floods that were devastating Malawai. The orphanage was not spared from the devastation of the floods.  The El-Shaddaih Orphanage ended up having multiple rooms damaged by the floods and they lost the majority of their food supply as it got wet.  Thankfully, we were able to send funds for additional food right away.

Before the flooding, the boys that live at the orphanage were sleeping in two small rooms. They were actually packed into these rooms, with only enough space for the metal bunk beds.  These rooms would often get wet so the boys would hang their clothes from the rafters to keep them dry.

Boys room, before flooding. Do you see all of the hanging clothes from rafters?


It wasn’t an ideal situation but there were other pressing matters, until now.  The water from the floods ended up totally ruining the boys’ rooms.  Currently, they are all sleeping in one room and multiple boys must share twin beds because of the small space.  The good news is that work has begun on a hostel that will comfortably house all of the boys at the orphanage!  There will even be toilets in the hostel!  Here is a picture of the hostel progress so far.

Foundation of the boys hostel

You can see that they are at the very early stages of building.  Building something like this isn’t like it is here in the United States.  Cement and bricks must be bought when money is available. Blessings and Joel must travel to Lilongwe to get the supplies and often they are unable to get them because of the shortage of supplies.  The children are also a big part of the building process as they are the ones that are digging in the dirt to prepare a place for the cement and bricks.

As the progress continues, we ask that you pray for the building of the hostel, pray for the availability of supplies and pray for the funding for supplies.  If it is on your heart to give, please use the yellow “Donate Today” button that is on this page.

In Him,

Jacky Sklenar


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