Has your child ever put razor wire on their Christmas List?

Has your child ever put razor wire on their Christmas list?

If you follow The El-Shaddaih Orphanage on Facebook, you are no doubt aware that life and its basic needs are a daily struggle there in the village of Salima, Malawi.

Food, clothing, shelter, education and healthcare are scarcely available to most families.  When you visit, you quickly notice that life for villagers is mostly about waking, stepping outside their one-room mud homes, and using whatever they can glean from the land that day to survive.  For most, thriving is a far off notion.

But God, in His unstoppable, ever present, never giving up, always and forever love, has used His wonderful plan to change this story for 157 children in this village.  That is why if you do indeed follow the El-Shaddaih Orphanage on Facebook, you will already be encouraged. You will already know that God is moving seemingly unmovable mountains for these sweet people.  Because of the gifts so many of you have given, an incredible sight has taken shape on the orphanage grounds.  A two story structure has been raised and stands awaiting several finishings.  Blessings For El-Shaddaih is sure the building will serve countless purposes over the decades that it will stand, but it is already in use as a primary school and a place of worship and ministry for the community.  There are already families from around the district being blessed by its use.  Nearest and dearest to my my own heart, is the safety that our children will rest in now that the littlest of them won’t have to travel daily across town to other risky areas for school.

The new building! So close to being completed!

We have arrived at the final push to finish things up!  Just like here in America, however, many materials and building supplies in Malawi have had severe shortages or become completely unavailable due to Covid.  Just like here in America, prices have gone very high for much of what is needed to close in the building and protect all the progress that has been made.  Rainy season is almost upon Malawi and time is precious.  Working as a team together with Blessings and Joel, we have tried to rank their importance here and give an idea of what is left to do and pay for.  General donations will be applied in order of importance, and specified gifts are welcome if you think you, your family, your church or life group feel lead to provide one of these expenses.  It’s amazing what a small collection of people can accomplish together!


List of needs:

Cement- $3,300  (Top of the list for weatherproofing)

Doors- $4,500  (Solid enough to withstand lots of years and children 🙂 )

Paint & Electric contractor- $2,000  (Special paint to seal the concrete)

Roof drainage and plumbing- $2,000 (Important due to heavy rains)

Razor Wire- $5,000  (To top the wall that surrounds the compound for safety and to prevent theft.)

Windows- $15,000  (These are proving impossible to find currently for an acceptable price. We will be using alternative measures to close window openings until prices go down or the supplies for making our own become available. Did you know that our boys at the orphanage can weld? So cool!)

Septic- $2,000

Bathroom Plumbing- $2,000

Solar System- $15,000  (This will be an eventual must as there is no reliable electricity in the area.)

Desks, Chalk boards etc.- $5,000

Total expenses:  $55,800

It would be wonderful if $55,800 would finish up the school completely, however, because of the continual rise in costs for materials we are rounding our goal up to $75,000.

We anticipate that, as with all building projects, we may have some more surprises in costs and construction.  Several other projects around the orphanage could use attention if we have any left over.  The water well reservoirs, the main house solar system and the truck all need attention.

Dream with us! Reach deep with us! Do you want to go see what has been accomplished with your own eyes? Go with us!

The children of the El-Shaddaih Orphange


Join us in helping El-Shaddaih Orphanage. Your gift will have a huge impact on the over 100 children who live there. To find out how you can make a difference, visit our "Get Involved" tab or send an inquiry on our Contact page.