Hope for El-Shaddaih Orphanage

I just checked the weather in Malawi on my weather app. Trusty device. I can know how it feels 10,000 miles away in less than 5 seconds. 74 degrees, clear with periodic clouds, a steady breeze and no chance of rain. If one looked at the forecast today, they might say, “What beautiful weather, sounds like an amazing place to live!” Truly amazing it is, in so many ways.

In January of this year, Malawi was declared a State of Disaster over districts affected by floods and heavy rains. Here is the link to an article describing several causes of food prices skyrocketing and the effect on this “fragile” country.


“With nearly 400,000 Malawians already food insecure due to floods and droughts and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, “Malawi’s challenges are now further exacerbated by the effects of the Ukraine crisis” said WFP Spokesperson Tomson Phiri (27 May), in a press briefing in Geneva.”

While “fragile” is definitely NOT how I would describe the hearts of the Malawians I know personally, their beloved homeland is in a very, very scary situation with their food supply. Take a moment to read about it and spend some time praying for wisdom from the leadership of the country. Their next moves affect so many, both citizens and refugees. In addition to the supply and demand issues, in May, the Kwatcha saw a decrease in value. The first time since 2012. Here is a link to a recent article:


“Malawi on Thursday announced a 25% devaluation of its national currency, the kwacha, in bid to shore up dwindling foreign exchange reserves and curb inflation.”

If there is one thing I continually see our BESI directors model and live out, it is their undying, unbreaking, impenetrable H O P E in the provision of the Lord. I see them cling to a courage only He can give. When the night is long and the suffering continues for days, months, years, they H O P E. When they have not yet laid eyes on the ram caught in the thicket, they stay brave in the Lord. It is an extremely brave thing to hold onto hope knowing that the Lord may answer “yes,” but that He may also say “not yet,” or even “no.” To choose to praise Him anyway? This takes grit. I believe they find it in remembering the faithfulness of His love in the past. I believe they know right where they would be without this hope, they would be hopeless. They have taught me to hope when hope makes no sense. God’s promise is to provide for His kids. In our daily lives, He provides not only for our needs, but for our eternity He provided The Lamb. Hope is our offering, vulnerable though it feels. In hope we say, “I believe you are good and that you love me, even though this world is broken.” In this hoping and waiting, He is shaping us, changing us, and we will truly know Him there in our desperation as He never leaves us alone. The reality is, God gives good gifts to His kids, through His other kids. So, listed out below you will see the most pressing needs for the El-Shaddaih Orphanage and their cost.

$ 2,000 …School Desks and supplies
$10,000…Razor wire for wall; to protect against food theft
$ 5,000 …Supply of beans for the year
$ 5,000 …Supply of rice for year
$ 2,000 …Repair Pick Up Truck
$ 2,500 …School shoes for 160 children
$    600 …School shoes for the eight year-olds
$20,000…Solar Electric system for Compound
$47,100—Total cost for immediate needs

This is, of course, in combination with our monthly budget needs for education fees, worker fees, up keep and such. We will be using some of this monthly upkeep budget to purchase a new generator (yay, for electricity!) because of some ongoing issues with blackouts and our solar panel system. All of your dollars matter-every single one of them. When you give through the Blessings For El-Shaddaih, Inc (BESI) website, we screen the needs and only send money that we know is really needed. Then, we make sure it is properly spent.

We pray that you would be on the lookout to share this worthy cause with those you know, and those you don’t know! Please consider approaching your church and/or missions team to see if they would consider supporting these kiddos. Stay prayed up and stay ready for opportunities because we are praying for them too!

With you in prayer,

Josie Ehlers


Join us in helping El-Shaddaih Orphanage. Your gift will have a huge impact on the over 100 children who live there. To find out how you can make a difference, visit our "Get Involved" tab or send an inquiry on our Contact page.