Urgent Need Update!

Many, many thanks for your quick love in action towards the beautiful children of El-Shaddaih Orphanage. Three weeks ago we asked for help covering the difference in price for the remaining metal sheets needed to complete the roof of the new school and church building on the orphanage property. Within 24 hours, you sent all that was needed! How amazing is the love of the Father? He provides in the most thoughtful of ways. Not only were the financial stresses of Blessings and Joel, the orphanage owners, eliminated by your generosity, but God used His children to demonstrate and deliver his love through provision! We get to be involved in His loving and be the instruments of His power! The children are able to see, in real time, the faithfulness of God in their needs and are then taught to give out of what they are given and the name of the Lord is glorified in these things. Thank you to the donors and thank you, Lord, for being involved in the details of our lives. Below is a picture of the orphanage children standing with the steel for the new roof of the church/school building. They were so excited to see it delivered!

The children standing on the new steel!

We are laying before you again, some updates and the needs that go along with them.

The well that provides water to the orphanage was the first large project that we were able to be involved with. The large reservoirs are made of heavy plastic and have both started to develop leaking. They will need to be replaced as soon as possible, as this is the only fresh water in the area other than trips to the river. The orphanage is actually a fresh water source to other people in the village including the local jail, so you can see how important it is that we try to raise the funds to keep this well operational! Joel was working on a way to keep the tanks filled as they wait for a replacement when I spoke to him today! They are always impressing us with their industriousness! The total cost for the new tanks will be $1,250.






Grandmother (middle) with her 6 grandchildren

If you’ve been watching the Facebook page, you have seen that 6 new children have been added to our family at the orphanage! These kiddos all come from the same mother who passed away following the birth of the young twins. After being abandoned by their father, the kids had been with their grandmother who was doing her best to care for them despite having special needs herself. Upon receiving the children, Blessings quickly realized that several of them were suffering from severe malnutrition. As you can see on the photo of the Cause of Admission and Death Chart I took while in the pediatric wing of the hospital there in Salima, malnutrition is very dangerous and we must act quickly.


Chart of Admission & Death in Salima

Mouren, the little twin girl is 8 months old but only weighs about 11 lbs. The average 8 month old should weigh between 17.5 and 22 lbs. Her twin brother is suffering the same health issues along with their 6 year old older brother. They are already receiving the urgent medical attention that they need, but we are asking for some extra support as this will stress the existing budget. The special formula for malnourished children is nearly 5 times the amount of regular formula in Malawi.

New twin baby boy

New 6 year old boy

Any and every donation is valuable and there is no donation too small! I would also take this opportunity to ask for consideration towards monthly donation support. Urgent need donations are incredibly helpful but as we add children to our numbers, our budget for food, education, shelter, clothing and healthcare increases as well. As always, every cent that is donated, and any surplus that we are blessed with is used 100% for the care of El-Shaddaih Orphanage. The foundation covers all the money transfer fees and the like. If you have any questions, please contact us! We would LOVE to speak with you!

With gratefulness and joy,



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