A Christmas Story

After reflecting on the history of the El-Shaddaih Orphanage, as I have for the several years that our family has been involved with them and their management and fund-raising, it has become obvious that what is happening there is nothing short of miracles. Please let me explain as briefly as possible. Essentially, there are two kinds of miracles: those that defy the laws of nature, such as Jesus walking on water, or raising Lazarus from the grave; and those that are providential, and do not defy the laws of nature, but work within God’s will, such as a last-minute change of plans, requiring you to not get on a plane bound for a crash. Or, for some unknown reason, money shows up in a checking account for Blessings for El-Shaddaih (BESI), just in time to cover some bills.

When we first started our relationship with the orphanage, they were a small start-up orphanage tending to the needs of 38 children, using one permanent building and a grass and bamboo church building. From there, in 2015, until now, the orphanage has grown to 210 children, all being fed, clothed, sheltered, medicated and educated. This is a providential miracle. Since 2015, we have built a girl’s dorm, beautiful two-story church and school building, boy’s dorm, secondary school building, laboratory and restroom building, perimeter cement-block security wall, solar electric system, and so on. Do you see what I am saying? This all cost a number approaching $500,000! And it is evident to me that God has a special place in His heart for the El-Shaddaih Orphanage, willing to pay for all that He orders up. We are seeing lives of little children changed from eating out of dumpsters to becoming doctors, economists, gospel preachers and your usual run-of-the-mill Christian productive members of society. Breaking the cycle of poverty one life at a time. Making it a better world…The Kingdom of God.

Having said all of that, we could still use your help. During this holiday season, please consider the needs of this orphanage. The growth of the orphanage has been fast, and the country has experienced price inflation even worse than the USA. Malawi just devalued their currency by 41%. This means that the price of just about everything has just gone up by about 41% or more. The one really smart thing we have done is get the buildings built before this huge increase in the cost of materials and labor. We still have some vendors to pay, and a number of things needed such as school textbooks, desks and chairs, lab equipment, and additional money to cover the monthly budget. Also, the kids are getting good at digging footings for buildings, welding beds together and welding window frames and security screens together and building cupboards.

If you have any questions, of course you can call me at the number or email below. Donations can be made through BESI, a US non-profit 501(c)3 eligible to receive tax-deductible donations for ESO. Of course, we want to thank all of you again for your support for this little corner of God’s world. I know I am asking you for a lot but consider this: James 1:27 (CEV) “Religion that pleases God the Father must be pure and spotless. You
must help needy orphans and widows and not let this world make you evil.”

John Sklenar
[email protected]


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