A New Addition

Blessings and baby Hezekiah

9-month-old Hezekiah

The El-Shaddaih Orphanage welcomed a new little one into their arms this past week.  Nine-month-old Hezekiah was brought to the orphanage by his father, who was in desperate need of help. Hezekiah’s mother died last Friday after being sick for quite a while. Because his mother had been ill for so long, she had stopped producing milk for Hezekiah. Unfortunately, he is suffering from severe malnutrition as a result.  At nine months old, Hezekiah only weighs 11 pounds.

Hezekiah does have a father, but his father cannot afford to care for him, especially to purchase the prescribed formula that he needs to combat the malnutrition. This is the sad reality for so many in Malawi. Please partner with us in praying for Hezekiah and all of the children at the El-Shaddaih Orphanage.


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