Answered Prayers!

On March 20th, we published a post about Cyclone Freddy and the current needs of the orphanage.  One of the major needs listed was $40,000 to build a new boy’s dorm. The current dorm had water damage, would flood when it stormed, and more room was needed to house all of the boys.


Everyone helping with bricks, working on the new boy’s dorm.

A few days after our post went out, a family from Michigan donated the entire $40,000 needed to build the boy’s dorm! PRAISE GOD! Everyone at the El-Shaddaih Orphanage and at BESI are ecstatic!  Work on the dorm started immediately and they have made great progress so far.  The children have been helping move bricks and laborers have been hired to place the bricks. The new dorm will have enough room for all of the boys, and it will have indoor bathrooms!



Progress of the boy’s dorm-walls are up!

With the excitement of the boy’s dorm, there is still great concern about the food supply.  Right now, in Malawi, the corn crop is being harvested. Buying corn right at harvest time is the cheapest time to buy. Currently, a single bag of corn is 35,000 kwacha (or $34 U.S. dollars).  That is 350% higher than last year at this time! Blessings and Joel (the orphanage directors) have great concern over the high cost of food right now. Please pray we’ll have donors to support the increase in food prices.


I took my troubles to the Lord; I cried out to him, and he answered my prayer. -Psalm 120:1 



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