Child Spotlight-Chisomo

Chisomo today

Chisomo as a baby

Our child spotlight today is 7-year-old Chisomo.  One night, the police and social welfare came to the orphanage asking Blessings to go with them.  A baby had been born in a graveyard. They all went to the graveyard and found the mother and the baby, Chisomo.

The mother and her baby were taken to the orphanage, where they both stayed for 8 months.  Chisomo’s mother eventually went back to her village and Chisomo stayed at the orphanage. Unfortunately, the mother was raped in her village and became pregnant with another child. That second child (Chisomo’s brother) is also at the orphanage now and his name is Lonjezo. Chisomo’s mother is considered “mad” in Malawi and unable to care for her children.

Chisomo would not have the life he has today without living at the orphanage. El-Shaddaih Orphanage has provided him with food, shelter, education and love! Chisomo is such a cutie and loves to dance! If you would like to help children like Chisomo, please click on the yellow “donate today” button!


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