Child Spotlight-Dolica

We are going to be doing a new series that will be spotlighting the children of the orphanage. We want you, the reader, to get to know the children individually, get a glimpse into their lives and see how they are thriving at the orphanage.  The first child that we will be introducing to you is Dolica Kostern.

Dolica-after being at the orphanage a few weeks.

Dolica came to the orphanage 9 years ago after she lost both of her parents. When she arrived at the orphanage, she was only 3 years old, although she looked much younger due to malnutrition.  She was severely malnourished to the point of her whole body being swollen.  Dolica’s swelling was so great that she was unable to sit and barely stand.  It took a week of nourishment and love before she was able to stand and take a step.

Dolica today at 12 years old!




Dolica is now a fearless 12-year-old!   She loves school and loves to eat even more!

It is because of all of the supporters of the El-Shaddaih Orphanage that Dolica is now healthy and thriving!

In Him,

Jacky Sklenar


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