Child Spotlight-Moffart & Moreen (the twins)

The twins with their grandmother at 6 months old.

Moreen & Moffart today!        2 1/2 years old.

Our child spotlight today is about the set of twins, Moffart and Moreen. Two years ago, the Minister of Social Welfare called Blessings to tell her of a family that was in the villages of Lilongwe.  There was an elderly grandmother that was living in a tiny shack and caring for 5 children.  The two youngest children were a set of twins that were extremely malnourished and only 6 months old.  The children’s mother had died soon after giving birth to the twins and their father had abandoned the 5 children.

The twins are now 2 1/2 years old and thriving at the orphanage!  Moffart loves to eat and has gained a lot of weight.  He loves to follow Joel wherever he goes, and they have a great bond.  Moreen was very thin and malnourished when she arrived at the orphanage, but now she is doing wonderfully.  She loves to sing and play with toys.

It is by God’s grace and YOUR donations that Moffart & Moreen have been given a chance at life!



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