Secondary School Update

Students in front of the new Secondary School Building!

New Secondary Teachers

We, at Blessings for El-Shaddiah Inc (BESI) could not be more excited to announce that the Secondary School at The El-Shaddaih Orphanage is open and operating! This school, in addition to the already functioning primary school on campus, means that all of our children can remain at the orphanage, safe and secure, throughout their education. One huge blessing provided by this secondary school is that it allows the orphanage to save thousands of dollars every month.  Previously, all secondary children were sent out to boarding schools which required fees for travel, room, board, and education. We now happily employ 11 more teachers which have been carefully selected and vetted by Director Blessings for top tier performance. Good teachers make good students! We are believing in faith that we will watch our brilliant kiddos change their own futures and that of Malawi.

One of the new secondary classrooms being utilized

Here in the United States, we pay for our public education in the form of taxation. Malawi works differently in that families must pay tuition out of pocket. These high fees result in a large number of Malawian children remaining uneducated. How wonderful to witness what was once a sure road to poverty, transform into a beautiful road to opportunity. There is also a strong interest from families in the community who have asked if they can pay to have their children attend our school. This will help to defray the costs of running the school. Just another way that the Lord is so good to us and continues to stretch every dollar given with a joyful heart. We hope the school system at the orphanage will be a blessing to the village of Salima and the country of Malawi.


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